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Our Commitment to Birmingham

We started Southern Sky Aviation after seeing an opportunity to provide services that didn’t exist from a local company at BHM, our home airport. We believe that when you are doing business and focused on your local community you always strive to do a better job. It is our commitment to Birmingham to hire local and train our team to do it the Southern Sky Aviation way, while building a world-class aviation company here in our home city.
For our team, there is no greater passion than that of serving our guests, clients and partners in the pursuit of a better way to fly. We embody this effort and strive to create an aviation experience like no other. All facets of Southern Sky Aviation are designed to enhance the way our customers connect with what we believe are some of the most important moments in their lives. With certified pilots, expert maintenance professionals and avionics specialists, we are providing the safest, most enjoyable aviation experience in the region. Welcome aboard.

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